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Dear Reader,

I ask for your ideas, hints and hypotheses in the following case:

A man, 65 years old, now weighting around 50kg by 180cm body height suffers from reoccurring seizures. He first had a stroke in 2013 after which he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He received Enalaprill and Adalat for treatment. A second stroke occurred in 2014. All on the left side.

In April 2015 he probably had a third stroke, as he collapsed and was unconscious for around 8 hours. As he woke up again he was unoriented at first but able to stand up and walk. Three weeks later, so May 2015, he suffered from seizures and was unconscious. The seizure- attacks last ed for around three hours, and declined for around an hour before starting again. This took place over several days. During the reduced seizures he was able to swallow. Valium, Phenobabitol and Cebamazepin didn'r help. When the seizures slowly faded away after several days, eyes started moving at first and swallowing was possible. After that he began to eat and drink well and slowly was gaining back some of his mobility in arms as well as being able to sit up by himself but not walk. He was desoriented with incontinence.

Just a few days ago, he screamed once loudly and then was unconscious and seizures started again, including bites on his tongue and his lips. Seizures following same behavior described above, again alium, Phenobabitol and Cebamazepin without any impact.

During frist cramps a CT scan was taken he was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus. He is negative on HIV and his blood sugar is normal.

This whole situation is located in rural East- Africa so instrumentation is limited as well as the expertise of medics. I would be helpful for any hint what could be the cause for these seizures, what should be tested further to support diagnosis and what finally could be a treatment.

Please feel free to share any idea, even if it seems crazy.

Antworten sind natürlich auch auf Deutsch möglich! Vielen Dank!


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