Die Logik vom Glücklichsein


Greetings, my dear inhabitants of a new world. 8-) ;-D


Life and the World

Mysterious Life. What shall we do with it?

Here we go again – and on we go.

We are not finished until we're finished.

It is always like that.

Life isn't bad at all. There are endless ways to improve life which just haven't been used yet.

One crucial point in this respect is that oneself is a reflection of the world as the world is a reflection of oneself. The proportion seems to be outrageous, but the relation is still vital and valid. If you count up the numbers, it doesn't make any sense, but if you take a close look at where you come from an where you go to, it makes any sense in the world.

What I say is that there are ways to improve Life. Many people dream of it and ask "How?" Others have a plan. And some people just do it.

When I remember school I think of a teacher of mine. He was my English teacher. I didn't say much and what was seemingly interesting I wrote in brackets. One day he asked me and another fellow (who was obviously "not normal") into his office. He told us that our grades were really bad. The other guy who obviously had a serious mental problem left the office after a while. I can remember that my English teacher said that there is "Room at the Top" (the book we just read) for me. Well, I never made it there and I never strived for it. But many years later I believe there is room at the top for me as there is for anyone else.

The question remains: What does it really mean "to be at the top"?

Well, what I wanted to say is just that there are ways for improvement or as another guy would say: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wF4sJ4krLI The shit has to go away]].

Here's the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w full movie]].

Well, although I personally like these movies, I would generally recommend to keep an open and at the same time skeptical mind.


"I set up a lab in my bedroom" – I like that. We should have some labs in our world.


Ich finde die Idee von dem Typen in "Zeitgeist" ganz cool. Aber ich denke, er hat sich ein wenig in den Menschen geirrt. Denn Menschen sind grundsätzlich nicht produktiv, konstruktiv oder gemeinschaftlich orientiert, sondern nur insoweit, als es in ihre Hutkrempe passt.


When it comes down to truth:

[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tKr9VZ3WXA You Can Run, But You Can't Hide]]


na...da ist ja jemand herr tsunami wieder aufgetaucht.......guten tag... :-D :)_ *:)


I'm just watching the before linked movie. Pretty fascinating.

B%ell aSw,anj-Cxullen

have fun ;-)

luna.... @:) @:)

yang i ;-) :)_ :-x


I'm just 33 minutes into the movie. The movie doesn't say it, but I state it:

If mature love dies, we'll all die.


Love is immortal


I agree. But the question is whether we tap into the power of love or whether we deny it. It is a choice. A very individual one.

Society shapes us and we shape society.

Not all societies are the same, neither are individuals.

Some societies/individuals learn to be aggressive and fearful. Other societies/individuals learn to be non-violent and peaceful.


good question

I know for me


the questionable

the feelings


You're right, Bella. Feelings are a matter of their very own. At the end of the day we will always come back to that.

Many people nowadays confuse life value with money value. You can see that everywhere. Feelings are worth nothing. That's the problem.

Money is a matter of competing. Love is quite a different animal.

[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlPjxz4LGak Money For Nothing]].


We're fucked.


Hold on, we can take some more.


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