Der ultimative Fotobewertungsfaden


Hey everyone *:)

Twilight, I promised you some more pictures ;-)

Hope you like them.

Me and my boyfriend:



someone spilled all the drinks on us ;-)



I'll post some more if you like them...btw, I'm waiting for your pics ;-)


I love this one:


you're beautiful. @:)

(sorry, I can't speak (and write) english. :-|)

Lra AEscadxa

must have been a great party :-D



nice pics ,but i don't like your fingernails..(they look like fakes) :-p


It was a greeeeaaat party ;-) - yeah all of a sudden everybody was lying in bed being drunk ;-)

Gras-halm - don't worry, not a problem. You can write in German and either mike tells me what you said, or I'll try to use a translator, although they are not very good most of time ;-)

L<a Ews7cada

yeah all of a sudden everybody was lying in bed being drunk

i LOVE such parties ;-D


Trinity1983 - they look like fakes, because they are ;-D

If you let your nails grow, the possibility they will break is very high and also they don't look as clean as faked ones.


@ ashley:

Very nice pictures!!!

@ mike-bryan:

Klasse Fotos, hut ab!!! :-)

L"a Esxcada

they look like fakes, because they are

what a logical explaination :-D



so you maybe have a defiency of iron and calcium??!!'cause my nails would grow up to the moon if i would not nt cut them ;-D ;-D


ashley: yeesss, I like your pictures, you are what i call a beauty :-o :-o I like your eyes and your smile, just amazing ;-D

As I said, I keep on posting, I post some of my pictures soon...

aFsh leyx20

Trinity1983 - sure they do grow, but if you carry things, or push against things there's always a likeliness that they can break.

thx rexone :-)

Twilight - yeah I'm waiting for them ;-) Do you think my eyes are too big?



your eyes are very normal!!


too big? not at all! You think they're too big?


no, but someone said they are too big on this board ;-) Not that I take it the wrong way, but nobody every noticed that on me :-)

I don't think they are too big

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