Der ultimative Fotobewertungsfaden


haha, I can't type neither, it has nothing to do with a hole....whole is better ;-)


If you want to learn spanish, go to Miami ;-D


Wow, it's very cool that it works out. Does she speak english?

It's my roommates part of the room :-) She loves art, that's what she goes to college for.

It's the only mirror in the apartment that's so clean, you can take pictures in front of it :-) Yeah, I know we should clean the mirror in our bathroom sometime... :(v

It's such a hip room..nice walls and curtains and room is just plain white, maybe I'll take some pictures


I'd be so cool to be able to speak french...There are so many spanish speaking people in the USA...would be a great advantage cause I don't understand one word what they say ;-)

S7teMffi 8x3


You could learn it ;-)



hah if you are impressed that somebody speaks spanish - try to learn finnish! yey that´s fun! ;-D (that´s what i am doing right now, well i have to i live in finland since october ;-D)


Cinderella - you live in finland? Nice, do you go to university or do you work there?

I admire everybody who can speak foreign languages...I can speak some italian but that's about it :-)


yes, she speaks english. It's very important for the them, if you're looking for a job there, the first thing they do is asking you if you speak english, the influence from USA is very big, but, hehe, it's easier to learn english when you speak german, spanish and english have nothin in common. German and Spanish neither, but I love to speak spanish ;-D

The room is great, I like the color the walls are painted with :)^


the first thing you learn is to insult ;-D



right now i am in germany (holidays ;-D) but yes i live in finland. i go to school there :-) i love this country and the ppl there and i am happy that i have this chance to do this.

well i have to learn finnish i can´t expect that the ppl there are always talking in english to me. it´s a very difficult language but i can´t wait till i can speak finnish fluently ;-D

well i speak also german (of course), english (how you can see), a little bit french, and a few words greek (my father is greek). :-)


kannst du schon fluchen? ;-D



jaaaa ;-D ich finds lustig wenn mir dann hier ein "paska" (sch*****) rausrutscht weil versteht ja eh niemand hehehe. kenne auch noch so andere wörter aber die schreibe ich lieber nicht ;-D


aaaaach komm schooon, ich schreibs dann auch auf spanisch ;-D


Wenn ich sie persönlich frage, dann in englisch. aber wenn ich im allgemeinen frage dann schreibe ich deutsch :-) angewohnheit halt.....


na dann frag sie auf englisch, sonst ist ja schon klar ;-D

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