Der ultimative Fotobewertungsfaden


I went windsurfing twice, it's awesome! But snowboarding is better ;-D

Shaun...he's a hijo de puta ;-D

you like dancing?

M<a beill1e1K1

so.. wie gesagt, mittlerweile werde ich faul... (war ja heut auch arbeiten) werde mich morgen am freien Tag mal meinen alten blonden und braunen Bildern widmen, sowie ich mich durch den Jungle der vorhergehenden Seiten und die darauf zu findenen Bilder schlagen werde ;-)

also gute Nacht zusammen...

for ashley:

my friend was there for 1 and a half year when she was 18 and yes, in this time she went to school there. But know she finished school in germany and works a bit in Texas...

and.. I just told the others that I am a bit tied (worked the hole day) and know I'm gonna to fall asleep :-) but tomorrow I'll try to look at some other pictures of the others and I want to show the community pictures of myself with blonde and brown hair...

so good night, or have a nice day ;-)


ok - take care and probably see you tomorrow ;-)

"hijo de puta " what does this mean?

Do I like dancing? Well, not professional dancing but I love to shake my ass on parties ;-)

If an american girl tells you she's a dancer, there's always a high possibility she's a stripper (an no, I'm not :-)


haha.. and please excuse my bad english in the messages... |-o

I still said... i am tired... *oops*

tomorrow I will be more concentrated and than it workes better... *:)


no,no don't worry. It's all fine...yeah I'm feeling the same after a long day at college :-/

have a good night :-) *:)


hijo de puta is spanish and means son of a bitch ;-D But it's not an insult, when you admire somebody you say: que hijo de puta! If somebody plays football like a genius you say: Que hijo de's more like a compliment ;-D

hehe, the first thing you have to learn when you go to Argentina, is that insults are not always insults, they can also be compliments...


That's the same over here..good friends sometimes insult themselves with different slang terms ;-)

But not something you should do to strangers..can get into trouble easily ;-)

Hmm, I have to go in a couple of minutes. My boyfriend rented a dvd and invited a bunch of night :-)

Don't know which movie...I don't like scary movies or extreme action stuff ;-)

He was talking about "Into the blue" - not sure if he got it,though :-)

Must be some kind of action movie, but at least it got Paul Walker in it (Paul Walker is x:) :-p) Do you know that movie?

What kind of movies do you like??

btw, I'm still waiting for your pictures ;-D


have fun! Byee!

okay, I'll send you a pn ;-D ;-D


btw, that's what a real surfer looks like ;-)


thx,I'll take a look


who is that guy?


He's a good friend of my boyfriend...they go surfing together and hang out a lot :-)

He really knows how to surf..way better than I am :-(

Lua Escxada

i'm off guys... good night, i'm tired zzz *:)


bye Escada - take it easy...and if you feel like posting, I'd still love to see some german party pics ;-)

O.K. - I'm off,too...see you later


Mönsch Vampy

gerade erst beim Friseur gewesen und schon bist Du wieder haarmäßig am rummachen, tzztzztzz

Dein Freund wirkt ja auch nett, hehe. Und auf dem Foto habt ihr viel Körperberührung, das sieht natürlich gut aus :-)

Und die Betten sind nicht gemacht, lol

(lohnt sich wohl nicht, hö ? ;-D )


Unaufgeräumte Zimmer

Ich staune wie unordentlich die Zimmer immer sind, wo ihr euch fotografiert. Oft sieht der Hintergrund wie eine kleine Müllhalde aus. Kann man nicht wenigstens einen aufgeräumten Hintergrund wählen? :-/

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