Der ultimative Fotobewertungsfaden

T=equila ^Sunxrise


Kataklysm - aha.

Ich mag dich... ;-D



Ich hätt' auch nix dagegen, mal bewertet zu werden^^

(Leider sind die Lichtverhältnisse auf dem Pic a bisl doof....)



Thanks guys for translating into english - I'm really sorry I don't speak any German :-(...but I try to learn some from Mike ;-)

@Errraddicator - Nooooo way. I'm definitely not the hottest girl in this thread. I don't think there really is "the hottest" chick.

For me all girls here are unique and pretty in their very own way.

Everybody feels different, likes different girls, different styles, different people or skin color.

All I'm trying to say is, that one guy is crazy about a certain girl and his best friend thinks she's not all that good looking.

It's just everybodies different opinion and from what I have seen, I really like German girls a lot because they are, as I said, very pretty.

And about being a party-girl :-) O.K. I have to admit it, I love going to the clubs and to party, but there's nothing wrong about that.

I usually only do that on the weekends, because I'm just to busy during the week or have to study - so I think it's not something typically american to go out on weekends - we just love to enjoy ourselves.

@Steffi 83 - your english is fine :-)

I think you guys have some kind of a stereotype look about american girls because of the movies (like american pie). There are so many different types of girls around here..some take care of their appearance, some don't - but most of them look very good in their way.

You are the first one to tell me I look like a playboy chick ;-)

And about looking natural...I really though, I looked natural, because I usually don't wear any make-up, only eye and lip things, so nothing special and it doesn't take long for me to get ready when I go out...I think there are worse girls than me ;-)

What I tried to say with the playboy girls...they look good, I have to admit, but they are soooo fake sometimes. Some of them have faked lips, boobs, ass and wear like tons of makeup (some them really only look average without the make-up on, believe me).

And they do nothing than looking like that, all day long ;-) I have to go to university and work in the evenings..

If all this refers to the Halloween Outfit, that's not how I usually go to the clubs ;-)

@Hard-Cora - hahah what a name ;-)

I really like those two pictures. You look very beautiful and your boyfriend is cute,too. He looks a bit like a friend I used to know in high school...

@felicity123 - She hangs out down here once in a while. It has something to do with the model agencies of which many are in Miami.

You can meet her eveywhere in Miami, shopping, at the beach and cluibbing of course ;-)

And do you know what, acutally she is sometimes put into the wrong light concerning her attitude. She isn't all that snobby, bitchy and arrogant. I think she is nice to talk to and I think she's just a bit different because she's got a lot of money and just enjoys her age - nothing wrong with that.

But she is not as bad as shown on tv :-) And it's fun to be with her and her friends are actually all nice and outgoing people.

Hey, you guys talk about me behind my back LOL ;-) I'm gonna ask Mike to translate some of that for me.

I hope I didn't do anything wrong or cause any trouble, because that's the last thing I would want to do :-(


d ani18


hey ich musste grad an ronaldinho denken ;-)

find lustig wie du dich kleidest, so bunt.

aber die haare find ich zu lang

TpeqDuila SKunrisxe


Sorry, aber das Grinsen und die Frisur dazu ist der Knüller.... ;-D

Also, ich mag dieses Skatermäßige gar nicht - aber anders kann ich mir dich irgendwie auch nicht vorstellen, ach, ich lass die anderen.

Aber: deine Frisur find ich grausam...

Also, entweder länger, wird dir aber vllt. nicht so stehen und ist ne ziemliche Arbeit, oder aber ein paar Zentimeter runter.

Lya Eslcada

I'm definitely not the hottest girl in this thread

you are,but after mikes girlfriend x:)

I hope I didn't do anything wrong or cause any trouble, because that's the last thing I would want to do

no you didn't, we just had an interesting discussion about stereotypes and appearences of differetn people :-x

TQequila* SuBnrise

und du bist zu bunt angezogen - finde ich.

T#equil]a Sunxrise

also suppenkaspar, ne.

B{illyD Rosexwood

I'm definitely not the hottest girl in this thread

The next bedroomparty ist nude only, and then you invite me! ;-)



krass was hier so alles abging.... ;-D


ja ne? ;-D


Noch ein Kataklysm Fan(-in) hier?



Jo wie schon gesagt wurde, die Haare passen nich so wirklich.

Entweder ne andere Frisur oder kürzer... :)*


Also für mich wäre es kein Kompliment, wenn jemand zu mir sagen würde, ich sähe aus, wie eine von den Playboy Bunnys.

Also wenn das Schönheitsideal wirklich nur noch Solariumgebräunten Wasserstoff Blondinen entspricht, na dann gute Nacht!

Ich bin auch immer top gestylt und geschminkt, trotzdem: Ich würde niemals so aussehen wie Ashley, da könnte ich mir noch so viel Make up ins Gesicht klatschen.

Die Amis haben da wohl spezielle Tricks! Weil irgendwie sehen alle Mädels ähnlich aus, auch die Freundin von Maike!


bloss leider kennt keiner die tricks :-/

L(a E6scxada

Ich bin auch immer top gestylt und geschminkt, trotzdem: Ich würde niemals so aussehen wie Ashley, da könnte ich mir noch so viel Make up ins Gesicht klatschen.

bei mir leider auch so.nunja, schade aber ich hab mich dran gweöhnt 8-)

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