Jenna Jameson? iiiiiiiillllllll - don't want to have anything to do with her....Fake from Top to bottom and not really the business I'm interested in :(v

    But that comparison of 50 Cent and Jenna is definitely something to think about ;-)

    ja ish sho ziemli chalt gsi, dän hani au no min pulli verlore und bi bis am 3 am morge so wie uf de fotis umeglofe.. aber im moment hani e ziit zum chrank si, bin ja arbetslos hehe.. ;-D

    aber bin mich fliessig am bewerbe..

    danke fürs kompliment :-D was heisst dän gnau btw?

    @ ashley

    i've not seen all the pictures of you and all the others here.. I guess I'll do it tomorrow, on my free day.. but the pictures which I've seen already are quite beautiful. A good friend is living in Texas and you really remind me of some girls I saw on pictures, but nice, rally. You look like you have a lot of fun... yes and there are really many blond US girls... but it doesn't change the fact that in my opinion you are a likable, friendly and pretty person. So don't change anything ;-)


    ich mag dein Aussehen, wirklich das schwarz weiß bild - super... auch wenn das Top nicht mein Fall ist ;-) hm, sag mal, hast du die Haare denn gefärbt??

    Of course I know Jack Johnson, surfer sound from Australia. He's very famous here, but I prefer Ben Harper, you know him?

    Donovan Frankenreiter? What a weird name! Never heard of him, he's a musician too?

    wow thx. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with being a blonde ;-)

    Have you ever visited your friend in texas?

    I won't change anything. I think it's most important that you are comfortable with who you are and how you look like and you'll get along :-)

    I looooovve Jack Johnson/Ben Harper. That's my kind of chillin' music. When we go out surfing, we usually listen to that kind of music or just to relax...perfect beach music.

    Don Frankenreiter - it's a pretty weird name, but same music like Jack Johnson and pretty popular among surfers ;-) Nice lyrics and guitar - pretty plain but fun to listen to.

    Is that kind of music popular in Germany? I think it's best where beaches are :-)

    no not yet... she's also german, but left Germany 2 month ago, for her second time. I don't know when she will be back. So maybe, i'll vistit her in the next year.

    hm blonde girls :-) naturally I am blonde, but well, how you can see on my picture it has changed |-o from blonde to brown... but i guess for you blonde is better than brown...

    joa.. normal bin ich blond, aber sowas von blond... :-) also nicht mal dunkelblond, schon ziemlich hell. Und owei, sah schon lustig aus, als im Urlaub der Ansatz durch die Sonne noch heller wurde... *g*

    aber danke dir... bin jetzt seit hm nem knappen 3/4 jahr brünette und bleibe es glaube ich auch noch etwas länger. Mag es persönlích an mir auch lieber, auch wenn man ja sagt, die Naturhaarfarbe sei oft die schönste... aber gute Idee, suche morgen mal nach einem blonden bild (jetzt bin ich schon zu faul)

    hehe, I like all kind of beach sound;-D But I prefer snowboarding, I love it;-D You know Shaun White?

    Wow, you can surf;-D Great! Someday I want to learn it, must be amazing;-D

    I like latin sound, from Cuba or Argentina, like Nueva Luna, Nestor en Bloque, or Buena Vista Social Club;-D But also Hip Hop...;-D

    Mabeille11 - Does your friend go to school in the USA?

    I think blonde looks better on me than brunette...maybe someday I will find out ;-)

    I have naturally blonde hair, I just have it lightened up more.

    Have some black streaks recently, but I don't know about that :-/

    Twilight - Yeah I know that snowboarder :-)

    Surfing over here is awesome....but the real waves keep comming in California. Coolest place to surf but the water is way cooler than over might have to wear a body suit.

    I've only been snowboarding twice in the USA..I like the sport, but don't like cold weather, so that's what keeps me from going more ;-)

    If you are good at snowboarding, surfing comes very natural

    so.. wie gesagt, mittlerweile werde ich faul... (war ja heut auch arbeiten) werde mich morgen am freien Tag mal meinen alten blonden und braunen Bildern widmen, sowie ich mich durch den Jungle der vorhergehenden Seiten und die darauf zu findenen Bilder schlagen werde ;-)

    also gute Nacht zusammen...

    for ashley:

    my friend was there for 1 and a half year when she was 18 and yes, in this time she went to school there. But know she finished school in germany and works a bit in Texas...

    and.. I just told the others that I am a bit tied (worked the hole day) and know I'm gonna to fall asleep :-) but tomorrow I'll try to look at some other pictures of the others and I want to show the community pictures of myself with blonde and brown hair...

    so good night, or have a nice day ;-)

    ok - take care and probably see you tomorrow ;-)

    "hijo de puta " what does this mean?

    Do I like dancing? Well, not professional dancing but I love to shake my ass on parties ;-)

    If an american girl tells you she's a dancer, there's always a high possibility she's a stripper (an no, I'm not:-)