re @all

    Also ich finde diese Diskussion stumpf frauen stehen vielleicht auf dominante männer aber sicherlich nicht auf arschlöcher!

    welche fraue würde denn einen mann nehmen wo sie schon von anfang an weiß das es ein arschloch ist?

    und frauen schauen mit sicherheit genau so auf das ausseehen wie die männer nur wisen wir es besser zu verstecken ^^

    Akles klar???

    und überhaupt, wenn eine frau einen mann will und was für einen is doch eh immer unterschiedlich und kommt vor allem auch immer darauf an, was sie für einen mann kriegen kann odeR?

    denn wenn ein mann sich immer nur in fie drauen verliebt die viel zu hoch für ihn sind, dann is es seine schuld !!!!

    man sollte nicht zu hohe erwarteungen haben dann klappt das schon

    außerdem, wenn man schon mit dem gedanken daran geht jemanden klar zu machen dann kappt das nie was das haben studien beweisen grinss


    man sollte nicht zu hohe erwarteungen haben dann klappt das schon

    na wenn du so denkst, dann tust du mir aber leid...

    ich habe meine erwartungen, und vorstellungen. warum sollte man die über bord werfen, versteh ich nicht?


    Werde ein Mann und du bist automatisch ein Arschloch!

    hat das jetzt mit deinem orgasmusproblem zu tun, oder warum bist du so negativ?

    "alpha" heißt das Zauberwort

    Ich denke das liegt schlichtweg daran dass wir Frauen einen starken Partner suchen. Keinen der einem alles an den Arsch trägt und sich zum Affen macht.

    Zumindest die emanzipierten Frauen heutzutage sehnen sich oft nach einem richtigen Mann, eine Herausforderung. Ein Mann der sich ihr nicht gleich vor die Füße wirft, wie sie es sonst gewohnt sind.

    Einer der sie ganz normal behandelt und mit ihr scherzt, anstatt sie aufs Podest zu heben und sie anzuhimmeln.

    Wer sich mal in das Thema einlesen möchte, gibt da ein paar interessante Links (hauptsächlich für Männer mit selbem Problem):


    und auch hier:

    @ Blauer Samt


    da ist meine Erfahrung eine andere, vielleicht kennst du ja auch den spruch Gleichberechtigung hat im Bett nichts zu suchen.

    Ich hab Gleichberechtigung eigentlich so aufs Zusammenleben bezogen. Im Bett sind dominante Männer für mich toll, aber da gibts auch verschiedene Geschmäcker.

    My husband has always been the jealous type. I'm five foot six and one hundred twenty pounds, with shoulder-length dark hair. I'm 5'1, 100-lbs., half Cherokee Indian, with high cheek bones, and my measurements are 34DD-22-34. These vital statistics have a tendency to drive my husband wild and make him very leery of other men. But as crazy as it sounds, he finds it a turn-on when I tell him stories of my torrid affairs with others.

    One of his favorite stories has always been the time I made it with his fraternity brother. I met him one day when I walked by the building where he was working. He's got arms as big as my thighs and muscles on top of muscles. This hunk had the largest cock I've ever seen, and the night of their pledges party I got to experience it firsthand. Everyone was drinking that night and getting friendly.

    The theme was 'love the neighbor', and we all lost our inhibitions kissing and hugging various people. When the hunk grabbed me, his hand rode-up under my loose-fitting jersey. I was on fire. He asked me to come out to his car with him and I knew I shouldn't, but did anyway after I got a good look at the full crotch he sported. Once out of the door, he began to fondle my big tits, squeeze my ass and even rub my cunt.

    As soon as I stepped in the car, I lost all resistance. I knew my husband would be furious, but this guy was making me feel so good I decided to deal with my hubby later. Before I realized it, we were in the backseat and my top and bra were off. My control of the situation dwindled to nothing. His lips drew my nipples into his mouth and his tongue made them stiffen and ache with pleasure. Asking him to slow down only sent his hands to my burning sweetness. I helped him pull my jeans and panties down.

    His fingers probed my dripping clit and caused me to grab his rock-hard bulge. The first feel of his manhood made me realize that this was a tool of no ordinary size. I quickly tugged at his jeans, reached over and grabbed a handful of meat. When I looked back at him with awe, he was smiling, his cock growing even bigger in my hand. He was quite ready, but I pumped him a few times, marveling at the way my fingers stretched around his thick shaft. My mouth opened wide and went straight to his cockhead. The manly taste of a strange cock made me cream even more, and I marveled at its size.

    Since his cock was plenty long, I just sucked gently on his knob. He groaned and put a hand on top of my head. Now, I don't mind sucking cock, But I had another place that needed it. Freeing his dick with a wet slurp, I smeared his precum with my fingers. Then he picked me up and placed me on his lap. I straddled his legs and looked into his eyes as I spread my thighs wide for him. He lifted me until I could feel the knob of his dick pressing against me as it sought out my cunt lips. It was slow going - I was used to my husband's dick, which fit easily inside me. This one was a challenge.

    Little by little, he pushed himself deeper. I could feel every muscle and every vein as his cock fully entered me. I don't know for sure, but I'd guess it was easily between 8-9 inches. It fit with some effort after several minutes of slow-going. I spread my legs wide and before long, I had slickened his big cock with my juices and we were rocking. He kept going for a long time, ignoring the fact that I was cumming all over the place. Then, he shot his load into me and I was hit with a breathtaking orgasm but he kept fucking me away. Thick, wet squishing sounds filled the car as both our juices poured out around his pistoning cock, coated his balls and puddled on the backseat beneath me.

    We returned to the party and I returned to my husband, my legs feeling bowed and my cunt aching. The crotch of my jeans was soaked and I had the smell of desire on me. My husband whispered to me: "I know where you've been and I want to hear everything when we get home!" He looked so restrained, and he didn't talk to his frat brother for the rest of the evening. But when we got home, his interest in all the horny details of my quickie, this evening, seemed to heighten. He told me that he never wanted to see me look at another man in his presence, but if I found myself in another compromising situation, I was to come home and share the details with him.

    Well, recently, I had a sexual encounter with my boss. He was leaving the company and went into his office to say good-bye. He's young and cute, with his curly dark hair and twinkling blue eyes. I gave him a friendly kiss, but it didn't stop there. He shut the door and undid my blouse. He was quick to go for my heavy tits. With one of my swollen nipples in his mouth, he used his free hand to push up my skirt and finger my already wet snatch.

    He looked so innocent, but it was until he took his clothes off. That's when you find out just what a man he is. I unzipped his pants and withdrew one hell of a cock. It was probably near ten inches long and at least eight inches around. I dropped down and tried to give him a farewell blowjob, but I can only get the cockhead and the first few inches in my mouth, but it was just fine for him. My boss held my head and began to moan that he was going to come. I stood up, pulled off the rest of my clothes and got on his mahogany desk.

    His big, fat cock drove deep into my wet hole. I came fast and he just kept pumping away. His balls slapped against me and I lifted my legs higher to give him more room. One more moan and I knew that he would be sending jets of hot come deep in my willing vagina. I asked him to change position, getting on my all four. One wall of his office is done with mirrors, and he loves watching his cock slide in and out of my pussy. I get a thrill out of it, too. His cock is so big that when I assumed it doggie-style, so I can see the way it splits me wide. I felt every vein, every wrinkled inch of him. When he pulled out, we both gasped as his prick reappeared, glittering wet and coated with my juices.

    He came as expected, and I had one more orgasm with that. Then I laid on the floor and I jacked him off, cumming yet again when his flying sperm landed between my legs. We got dressed when we heard that there were other people waiting outside the office to give him warm wishes and fond good-byes. I doubt if any were as memorable as the treat I gave him.

    Driving home, I couldn't keep my hands out of my flooded box. I ran my fingers between my cunt lips and continued to toy with my love knob. Bringing my boss's juice to my mouth and reliving the moment was one of the most erotic things I've ever done. When I arrived home, I pulled up my skirt and allowed my husband to inspect my cunt. I can't remember him being that aroused in a long time. I just hope I'll be able to share more of these experiences with him soon....

    I crave big cocks! Sorry guys, but six or seven inches just won't cut with me. You've got to be at least eight inches long - I keep a tape measure in my purse, and you have to be thick, too. I like my cunt filled to capacity. Recently, I've found several lovers who fill my requirements just perfectly. Problem is, the guys who possess these dimensions KNOW that they have a big cock and tend to swing it toward girls who never appreciate them for what they are deep down: fuck studs!

    Oh, by the way, there's also David, a big guy from Montana with a huge salami - that's what I kid him about anyway. He's not quite as long the other two, but his cock is REALLY thick. David has one little kink that bothered me at first but now, I find it as much of a turn-on as he does. You see, his woman is a tiny woman that can't handle all that meat on a regular basis. Just last week, I discovered that there's a club in town that caters to women who crave big cocks. I signed up right away and already have plans for a threesome - me and two studs!

    Can you imagine? an endless supply of ten-inch poles!

    @ :)